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Lifree was born from the belief to support people who would like to live their own healthy life regardless of their age from excretion care perspective. Base on this belief, we are continuing to evolve.

The Origin of Lifree

The brand name, Lifree, comes from our aspiration of freedom for Life - life free from pain and worry. Heart shaped logo symbolizes this aspiration. The purple line on the left represents the will to live of the care receiver, and the pink line on the right represents the care giver supporting with a warm heart. Red represents a life full of love, blue represents freedom, and white represents equality and normalization.

Lifree is the most popular adult diaper brand in Japan.
*INTAGE SRI Retail Panels adult diaper category January 2005 - June 2015

Before 1980s

Flat type diaper paired with diaper cover was commonly used in Japan.

Before 1980s, the rectangular shaped flat diaper paired with diaper cover was commonly used instead of pants type or tape type diaper.

In 1987

The adult diaper, “Lifree”, released in Japan

In 1988

[Lifree NYOTORI Pad], urine-absorbent pad released in Japan

Prior to the release of the pad type diaper, the only available way of replacing the diaper was to discard it after the usage. With the introduction of the pad type product, Lifree introduce an innovative way of replacing the inner part of diaper.

In 1995

[Lifree RIHABIRIYO Pants], the first pants type adult diaper in Japan released

With the aim of reducing the number of bedridden elderly, we challenged the idea that the elders should be bedridden. We encouraged people to be able to change the diaper independently by introducing Lifree RIHABIRIYO Pants. It was to limit increment of bedridden which was align with the nation's nursing care policy and also changed the norms of nursing care.

In 1996

[Lifree Incontinence Pad with Thin and Slim Tape] released in Japan

In 1997

Lifree IKIKI Dial, customer call center opened in Japan

Call center was opened for people to consult about nursing care and adult diapers.

[SAWAYAKA Liner] released in Japan

In 1999

[Lifree SAWAYAKA Pad] for urine incontinence, released in Japan

In 2000

Establishment of excretion care institute in Japan

The institute was established to spread the knowledge of how to correctly apply excretion care products.

[Lifree KOKORO TO HADA NO Care Pad] released in Japan

In 2001

Lifree pants type adult diaper released in Taiwan.

In 2002

[Lifree YAKAN ANMIN Pants] and [Lifree ANMIN Guard], overnight incontinence pants/pad, released in Japan

With the consideration of the feelings of both care giver and care receiver like “wanting he or she to sleep soundly at night” or “want to sleep soundly at night”, Lifree introduced adult diaper with a concept of “does not need to be replaced in the middle of the night”.

In 2003

Lifree pants type adult diaper released in Thailand.

In 2005

[Lifree NYOTORI Pad NASHI DEMO CHOJIKAN ANSHIN Pants], superior support thin pants for extended usage (for dementia patients etc.), released in Japan

The pants type diaper absorbs approximately 1000cc of urine without using an urine pad. This pants type product provides a peace of mind even with extensive usage.

In 2006

[Lifree SONO SHUNKAN MO ANSHIN] released in Japan

We released a special pad for those with urge incontinence.

In 2007

[Lifree KYUSHU SHITAGI Slimwear®], refreshing absorbent underwear (pants type), released in Japan

Designed for healthy and active elderly, this urine incontinence pants is very comfortable with the feel of the underwear.

In 2008

[Lifree ZUBON WO NUGAZU NI KOKAN Rehabilitation Diaper], the paper pants for adult, released in Japan

Pants type paper diaper that is easy to replace without completely removing pants.

Lifree pants type adult paper diaper released in Indonesia.

Acquired Australian paper diaper manufacture APPP Parent as subsidiary.

In 2009

Lifree pants type adult paper diaper released in China.

Lifree pants type adult paper diaper released in Singapore.

In 2010

[Lifree CHO USUGATA SHITAGI KANKAKU Pants] released in Japan

Disposable pants diapers which is comfortable to wear just like underwear provides a peace of mind even for first time users.

Lifree pants type adult paper diaper released in Philippines.

Acquired Saudi Arabia paper diaper manufacture Gulf Hygienic Industries Ltd. as subsidiary.

In 2011

Lifree pants type adult paper diaper released in Malaysia.

Acquired Vietnam paper diaper manufacture Diana Joint Stock Company as subsidiary.

In 2012

Lifree pants type adult paper diaper released in Korea.

In 2014

[Lifree SAWAYAKA Pad (Men)], the specialized urine care product for men, released in Japan

Urine care product was designed for man who is worried about urine incontinence. It can be discreetly worn and prevent urine leakage.

Lifree pants type adult paper diaper released in Egypt.

In 2015

Lifree pants type adult paper diaper released in India.

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