Winter is upon us and dealing with incontinence is going to get harder.

Many people face urinary control challenges during the cold weather. This not only interferes with their daily routine but also causes consistent worries about facing embarrassing situations. They develop fear of urinary leakage in public or experience frequent urge to visit the washroom. Such scenarios lead to lower self confidence and esteem.

But don’t worry. Like every problem has a solution, incontinence can also be treated or at least curbed by making some dietary and lifestyle changes or considering essentials like adult diapers for incontinence.

Read on to unravel some effective tips for managing incontinence during cold weather.

Never say no to “Pelvic Floor Exercises”

A stable pelvic floor is necessary for better control of urine incontinence. Physicians suggest practising pelvic floor exercises under their supervision to overcome stressful and undesirable leaks or bladder problems.

Follow good bladder habits

Going to the bathroom “just in case” seems like a good idea when you have urine incontinence, but you should actually wait until your bladder is completely full before emptying it. This is because visiting frequently might cause incontinence if it becomes a habit since holding a full bladder becomes harder without practice.

Avoid bladder irritant foods

Give your bladder a break this winter by avoiding tomatoes and tomato-based products (such as pastes, chutneys, soups, and sauces), chocolate, and spicy foods. Eating green veggies and fresh fruits can help ease incontinence discomfort. Hence, make sure to pay heed to your diet for healthy results. Furthermore, you can always consult a doctor to get a proper understanding of what to eat or what not.

Take extra precautions during cold and cough

Cold-related sneezing and coughing can result in leaks, which are typically the result of a weak pelvic floor. If this muscle becomes fragile, the downward pressure of coughing and sneezing puts additional force on your bladder and may cause urine incontinence.

Hence, to prevent such a scenario, try to practice pelvic floor exercises and other healthy lifestyle changes such as limiting the intake of caffeine and alcohol, etc. Furthermore, you can rely on pant style adult diapers for incontinence to comfortably wear them throughout the day and enjoy the chills and thrills of the winter season to the fullest.