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Shared experiences about adult diapers

Interviews from people who experience to choose the adult diapers for the first time. You should know that you are not alone. Stories from people who shared the same experience would be helpful and encouraging. By all means, please refer to the shared experience for help.

My personal experience:(67 years old, Male)

I never even knew about Pant style diapers. I just decided to try Lifree for some time and couldn't believe how simple to wear it was. I don't depend on anyone for help anymore.

My personal experience:(62 years old, Male)

It is just perfect for me. Its adjustable elastic waist band makes it so easy to wear and change, just like my trousers. And its soft leg passages make it so much more comfortable than any other tape type diapers.

My personal experience:(71 years old, Female)

I feel so independent now. I can wear Lifree's pant style diapers on my own with some minor support.

Have you kept getting disappointed while trying different types of diapers? Let’s find the suitable diaper for both the care receiver and care giver. Lifree site provides information on tips for choosing the right adult diaper. Please use it as a reference.

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