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Rehabilitation Exercises

Doing rehabilitation exercises at home helps individulas experiencing incontinence. These exercises aid in strengthening of the muscles which leads to proper bladder control. Choosing a non-surgical method of treatment even saves the body from complicated surgeries and medications. Below are the healing exercises classified on the basis of mobility levels:


Knee Stretching Exercise

To start with the knee stretching of adult incontinence patients who are bedridden, a care-giver has to apply one hand on the knee and the other one on the heel of the same leg and slowly start lifting the leg up.

Adults suffering from urine incontinence should perform 5 sets on each side of this exercise.

For people who would likely urinate in the toilet:


Lying down Exercise

This particular exercise helps in the strengthening of pelvic muscles.

  • Start with lying down on the floor with the knees bent.
  • Hold an empty plastic bottle in between the legs.
  • Try squeezing the plastic bottle by your legs to make a sound.
  • Repeat this exercise in sets of 5.

For people who would like to ease the condition of constipation:


Body Rocking Exercise

The body rocking exercise with your knees curled helps in enhancing the bowel movement.

Hold your knees close to your chest for five seconds. Start rocking your body rhythmically back and forth by lifting your hips off the floor. Adults can perform this exercise with the usage of only a single knee. Doing 10 sets at a time will be sufficient.