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Adult Diaper: Pants Type

Lifree Extra Absorb Pants


If the care receiver urinates in diaper and has high absorption needs, Extra Absorb pants are most suitable. It has a powerful absorbing core with 6 glasses absorption. Lifree Extra Absorb pants has double stretchable band making it easy to pull up and down by self. The newly added leg side wall feature provides side fitting and prevents leakage to keep you worry-free all day

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This diaper comes with a powerful absorbing core of 6 glass capacity that works well for those who urinate in diaper and have high absorption needs. It has stretchable and breathable waistband along with smooth leg passage which makes it easy to wear and take off when needed. The side leg gathers give a comfortable fit reducing any chances of leakage or sagging.

Superior Absorption Capacity upto8 hours protection

Powerful Absorbing Core

The pant style diapers are manufactured with a soft and comfortable material which is highly absorbent in nature. These diapers have 6 glass absorption capacity allowing the adults to continue doing their day-to-day activities without hindrance.


Stretchable Waistband

With stretchable band around the waist, it makes it easy to wear by self, just like an underwear. This fits closely to the skin and takes shape of the body,not letting it sag with diaper weight.  


Breathable Waistband

The waistband is made with soft & breathable material which does not cause  any irritation on the skin and lets the air pass through without excessive moisture. 


Side Leg Gathers

Lifree pants have side leg gathers that reduce the thigh gap and fit closely to the skin which not only gives a comfortable fit but reduces chance of leakage. 


Smooth Leg Passage

Lifree pants have smooth leg passage which allows foot to pass easily without toe getting stuck while wearing the diaper.


Type Length Quantity MRP
Medium 60-85 cm/ 24-33 inch 2 Pcs Rs. 110
Medium 60-85 cm/ 24-33 inch 10 Pcs Rs. 520
Medium 60-85 cm/ 24-33 inch 18 Pcs Rs. 900
Large 70-100 cm/ 30-39 inch 10 Pcs Rs. 550
Large 70-100 cm/ 30-39 inch 2 Pcs Rs. 115
Large 70-100 cm/ 30-39 inch 18 Pcs Rs. 950
Extra Large 90-125 cm/ 35-49 inch 2 Pcs Rs. 125
Extra Large 90-125 cm/ 35-49 inch 10 Pcs Rs. 600
Extra Large 90-125 cm/ 35-49 inch 18 Pcs Rs. 1050
Double Extra Large 100-140 cm/ 39-55 inch 10 Pcs Rs. 680

How to Use?

How to Use Step1?

Open the diaper keeping blue band on back

How to Use Step2?

Put your legs into the leg passage & pull it up till the knees

How to Use Step3?

Then pull it up all the way to the waist

How to Use Step4?

For removal, tear off both the sides & pull the diaper down