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Videos created for you to understand the condition of urine incontinence and its effects on the body of adults.

Lifree | Adult Diapers| Suits All Mobility Conditions

Lifree offers adult diaper on the basis of mobility level of the adults. For adults between mobility level 0-3, pant style diapers should be the choice. For adults between 4-5, tape style diapers should be the choice which can be worn with the help of a caregiver.

Lifree| Pant Style Diapers | Independent Lifestyle

Lifree pant style diaper allows adults to stay independent even during their golden years of life. Pant style diapers are easy to wear and remove and ensures breathability because of the soft material. The shape along with the high absorption technique ensures there is no leakage.

Lifree | Adults Diapers | Fit for Daily Use

Lifree absorbent pants are easy to wear and fits perfectly on the body. The pants are fit to be worn on a daily basis and allows you to stay active and independent throughout the day.

Lifree | Pant Style Diapers | Adult Diapers

Lifree pant style diapers are the most suitable product for mobile and active adults. It comes supported with unique features like soft & breathable covers, high absorbency technique, soft elastic band and easy wearing and removal.

Lifree | Pant Style Diapers | Active Lifestyle

Lifree pant style diapers can be easily worn by just pulling them up like an underwear. The removal process of pant style diapers is easier as one just has to tear it from the two sides. The diaper prevents leakage because of its shape and because of the high absorbency technique.