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Pant Style

Can be worn easily: Care-receivers who are not dependent upon others for human support can easily wear pant style diapers as they just have to be pulled up/down.

Minimal chances of leakage: Pant style diapers provide full coverage thereby preventing any chances of leakage and wetting of the undergarment and the pants.

Snug fitting: Pant style diapers are not visible from the outside because of the snug fitting they offer.


Tape Style

Tape can be adjusted: The tape of the adult diaper can be re-adjusted according to the requirements of the care-receiver.

Snug fitting: Tape style adult diapers cover the body perfectly and provide a snug fitting.

Can be easily taken off while lying on the bed: Care-receivers with limited mobility can easily wear or remove tape style diapers as they can be easily pulled down/pulled up.