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Q&A: Trouble about nursing care

Have you ever experienced any trouble using adult diaper while under nursing care? Here we introduce hints in Q&A to help you to solve problems.

No, it is not. It does affect senior population some time but the causes should be identified by your doctor. Incontinence is not a disease it is a symptom and can be treated once the causes are determined.

People with bladder control problems may experience:

Incontinence problems occurs due to over active bladder and weak muscles. The main solution to control incontinence is medication, exercise and surgery. The best way is to discuss the doctor to understand the level of incontinence problem and the best treatment option for the same.

There are two kinds of leaks.

1) Diaper absorbent capacity is insufficient. In this case, please use diaper with better absorbability.

2) Crack in the diaper. In this case please use the diaper with the right size to avoid crack

If used the diaper do change it and if not used & no urine it is always suggested to change the diaper every day to maintain better hygiene.

Pant style diapers are just like an underwear. Its soft & flexible waist band makes it easy to put on and remove. It is gentle on the skin and fits perfectly preventing leakage. It helps elderly to lead an independent life with confidence. Pant type diaper are the convenient option for both care receiver & care giver.

If the jelly like material of the diaper scattered around the washing machine, wipe it thoroughly. If the movement of the washing machine affected due to this issue, please consult with manufacturer.

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