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Reason for urine incontinence

What type of urine incontinence is common among women? What habits cause urine incontinence to worsen?—Let’s conduct self-care through correct understanding of basic knowledge related to urine incontinence.

What is the mechanism of urine incontinence?

Urine incontinence is caused by a weakening of pelvic floor muscles located at the bottom of the pelvic floor. When pelvic floor muscles are healthy, they prevent urine incontinence through a reflexive contraction of the urethral opening even when force is exerted to the stomach. Indeed, urine incontinence is a sign of loose pelvic floor muscles.

What type of urine incontinence is common among women?

Excluding the elderly, stress urine incontinence is most common among women. This incontinence occurs when force is exerted to the abdomen, such as when coughing, sneezing, or running down the stairs. Another common type of urine incontinence among women is urge incontinence, which becomes increasingly important together with aging. This incontinence occurs when you feel the urge to urinate and have to hurry to the bathroom, but could not arrive in time and experienced incontinence.

What habits cause urine incontinence to worsen?

With healthy urination, one heads to the bathroom when feeling the urge to urinate. The bladder then contracts, urethra relaxes and urination occurs. However, the following habits tend to cause or worsen urine incontinence condition.

  • When urinating, exerting strong force in the abdomen to forcefully squeeze out urine.
  • Going to the bathroom even when there is no urge to urinate.
  • After urinating, further checking if there is urine remaining by exerting strong force to abdomen..
  • People who experience constipation and strain every day in the bathroom.

When urinating, it is important to relax pelvic floor muscles and allow for smooth urination.

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