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what is incontinence

Urine incontinence makes a person incapable of holding urine for a longer time in the bladder. A person starts urinating involuntarily because of the loss of control or weakening of the sphincter muscles. The problem of urine incontinence can affect the emotional, psychological and physical life of senior citizens.

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Mobility indicates that a person is capable enough to walk and complete the day-to-day tasks on own. With ageing, the mobility level starts changing and adults become less capable of walking and become more dependent on a walking stick or human support.

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Choose the right adult diaper based on MOBILITY LEVELS

We have classified various mobility levels and suitable adult diaper types for each level. Determine the state and choose the right adult diaper to ensure best elderly care.

Adults pants style diaper
Pants Style Diaper

Mobility 0-3


Mobility 0

Can walk completely by themselves


Mobility 1

Can walk by themselves with stick/walker


Mobility 2

Cannot walk by themselves but can walk with human support


Mobility 3

Cannot walk, but can stand with support

Pape Style Diaper for Adults
Tape Style Diaper

Mobility 4-5


Mobility 4

Cannot stand but can only sit with support


Mobility 5

Completely Bedridden



Videos created for you to understand the condition of urine incontinence and its effects on the body of adults.

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