When a senior citizen is told that they will need to use adult diapers, their first response is often a firm no, followed by an answer that they can relieve themselves or control their bladder and bowel movements according to their needs. However, given the nature of the product, many people need to learn a lot about adult diapers. So, what not, let’s go through a few common myths about Adult Diapers and debunk them.

Adult Diapers are bulky and uncomfortable

While this was true for the diapers available earlier, the adult diapers in the market today are far from bulky. Owing to advanced technology and extensive research, today, adult diapers are designed to be discreet and can be worn under any clothing, just like underpants. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes, styles, and absorbency powers to not only address various issues but also fit the best for maximum comfort.

Wearing Adult Diapers is embarrassing

Adapting to using adult diapers after using traditional undergarments can be difficult, but with time and usage, it can become extremely easy. Given today’s fast-paced life, adult diapers are used to not only address a weak bladder and irregular bowel movements but also maintain a social life and carry on day-to-day activities with ease. Furthermore, using adult diapers can also reduce dependency on others and help senior citizens maintain their self-respect.

Adult Diapers can only be used by women

While menstruating women in India often use sanitary pads during their time of the month, it does not mean that adult diapers are exclusively manufactured for their needs. People of all ages and genders can experience incontinence.

Only Senior Citizen’s adult diapers

Urinary incontinence can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender. It’s not limited to senior citizens, as accidents can happen due to various factors such as medical procedures, injuries, or chronic conditions. Lifree Adult Diapers provide effective management for Urinary Incontinence, offering support and protection to anyone who needs it, including individuals aged 45 and above. Don’t let misconceptions stop you from finding the right solution. Choose Lifree for confidence and peace of mind.

Adult diapers are only for adults with severe incontinence

This notion is absolutely false. While some people need to wear adult diapers for occasional leaks and loss of bowel movements, for some, it’s a medium to keep themselves dry throughout the night for a sound sleep without any interruptions. Further, for many senior citizens, adult diapers are a way of reducing dependency on others and serve as a way of living with their self-esteem intact. Adult diapers come in a range of styles and absorbency powers to suit the wearer’s needs.

These were the top myths related to the usage of adult diapers. While many people still shy away from asking for help, if you feel the need to address your issues and the above myths are stopping you, choose to live freely with Lifree.

At Lifree, you can choose not only the style of the adult diaper but also its absorbency power, which lets you live your life the way you want.