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What are the best ways to manage incontinence while travelling

Summer is here, which means longer days, sunny afternoons, summer breaks and trips. Travelling brings an exciting and enriching experience but it can become challenging for individuals managing incontinence. If you are one of the many who is struggling with overactive bladder or incontinence, the idea of sitting in…

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Discover the Ultimate Solution To Manage Urinary Incontinence for Elderly Women – Say Goodbye to Mobility Struggles

Urinary Incontinence refers to the involuntary loss of urine, which can vary in severity from occasional leaks to constant dribbling. It can have a profound impact on a person's quality of life, affecting their self-esteem, social interactions, and overall comfort. Adult diapers, designed to address the challenges…

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Night Time Incontinence – Strategies to Deal with Incontinence at Bed Time

Urinary incontinence is inconvenient at any time of day, but it is more bothersome at night since it affects your sleep. Adult nocturnal enuresis and nocturia are the two types of nighttime urine incontinence. The former causes you to wet the bed while you sleep, while the latter wakes you up multiple times during…

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Symptoms And Causes Of Bladder Leakage Among Older Women

Urinary incontinence or loss of bladder control can cause an adult to leak urine by accident. It is quite common among older adults, especially women. It can lead to a fall in self-esteem and it can cause awkward situations in public. Incontinence can be controlled and managed with proper treatment. If the problem…

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Top 6 Things That Cause Loss Of Bladder Control

Millions of people both men and women suffer from urinary incontinence or loss of bladder control. It is the proverbial elephant in the room. Loss of Bladder control affects more women than men. It is a debilitating condition that can leave you embarrassed and ashamed and lower your self-esteem. Most people don’t…

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Ways To Cope With Bladder Leaks Post Surgery

Urinary Incontinence is a condition where a person leaks urine by accident. Sometimes, it becomes an embarrassing issue for many people. It affects both men and women. Women experience bladder leaks after delivering a baby. It also affects 34% of older men who face it due to higher age. Men usually get this problem…

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