Urinary incontinence is an embarrassing condition that involves involuntary leakage of urine. Millions of middle-aged and old adults suffer from this awkwardness; however, it is more prevalent among women.

Facts about incontinence

1. It is common to suffer from incontinence in old age. With age, a reduction in estrogens level can reduce the control on the bladder. Your pelvic floor muscles play a major role in controlling the bladder. These muscles get strengthened by doing regular exercises.

2. Pregnancy does enhance the risk of incontinence, but it’s not always true. The pelvic floor muscles reduce the control of the bladder. The muscles become weakened by the extra weight and pressure of the fetus on the bladder during pregnancy. It takes 1-2 months to recover from the temporary loss of bladder control after childbirth. It can be easier to regain control of the bladder by doing extra work after the episiotomy surgery. Seek medical help as soon as possible.

3 . Sometimes, men may experience symptoms of incontinence after prostate surgery. It is a temporary loss of bladder control during the recovering phase. Some may experience the symptoms for more than five months. It is more common among those men who had symptoms of incontinence or those who previously had surgeries. Medical treatment can help to ease and recover from the condition. If you feel the daily need for protection from incontinence, go for adult diapers since they help to ease the condition. The adult diaper will take care of your incontinence needs with an inbuilt pad that is highly absorbent and avoid any leakage. While we are on the topic of adult diapers, let us dispel a few common myths about them.

4 Myths about adult diapers

Myth 1-  Adult diapers are only for senior citizens

It is a myth that adult diapers should be used only by the elderly as it is a “senior citizen thing.” In fact, adult diapers can be used by anyone, men or women if they have a medical condition, are experiencing urinary incontinence, or are bedridden.

Myth 2- Using an adult diaper is embarrassing

Middle-aged adults, especially women, suffering from urinary incontinence tend to feel embarrassed buying adult diapers as it makes them feel inadequate and lowers their self-esteem. They suffer silently but hesitate to try out an adult diaper. They become withdrawn and stop socializing. If you are suffering from urinary incontinence and suffering from frequent involuntary urine leaks, you are better off using an adult diaper and staying dry and comfortable. It will also prevent skin rashes from frequent leaks. There is no embarrassment in using a solution that you desperately need. It will give you peace of mind and let you lead a normal life.

Myth 3- Doctors don’t recommend it

It is a common myth that adult diapers are not recommended by doctors. In fact, it is quite the opposite. While you need to consult a doctor to figure out if the urinary incontinence can be treated, no doctor will ask you to refrain from using adult diapers. You can use adult diapers while getting your condition treated.

Myth 4- it is better to reduce fluid intake than to wear adult diapers

In their desperation to heal themselves and stop the frequent leaks, people tend to reduce fluid intake assuming it will reduce urine production. On the contrary, lower fluid intake leads to concentrated urine which can lead to kidney issues. You are better off maintaining a normal fluid intake and using an adult diaper to manage the urine leakage. Consult a doctor for a medical solution to the issue but manage the situation by using an adult diaper. It will help you ease the stress and live normally.

Lifree adult diapers come in various sizes. They are made of superior absorbent material that can keep you dry and comfortable for hours. Using an adult diaper will give you the freedom and confidence to live the normal active life you deserve. There is nothing wrong with wearing an adult diaper and living a stress-free life. It is more of a struggle when you live in denial and struggle with the awkwardness of urine leaks that can debilitate you physically and mentally. Bust the myths around adult diapers and use them with confidence.