Incontinence is one of the most undesirable conditions faced by women after childbirth. It is associated with involuntary loss of urine, which dampens their self-esteem and confidence due to the frequent need to head to the washroom.

Furthermore, the depth of bladder problems can vary individually. Some women may experience mild symptoms, while others may have a challenging job to handle. For instance, women delivering the baby by passing through the birth canal can suffer from postpartum incontinence, which happens because of the increased weight or pressure encountered by the uterus during childbirth.

Fortunately, this troublesome incontinence is not a deadly disease and can be treated by altering lifestyle and dietary habits. Here are some effective tips for managing incontinence after childbirth:

● Adult Diapers

The first and foremost step to easing incontinence stress and embarrassment is by wearing adult diaper pants. Lifree offers two types of Adult diaper pants to choose from for tension free living. Our Extra Absorb Pants and Comfort Standard Pants are impeccable products to easily absorb the flow with stretchable and breathable waist band keeping the skin safe and free from irritation, itching, and discomfort.

● Kegel Exercises

Another way to deal with urinary incontinence after childbirth is by practicing kegel exercises regularly. These exercises are necessary for the pelvic area to get back into shape. Doctors also recommend strengthening exercises for incontinence patients for quick relief and substantial results.

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, maintaining a healthy weight and diet also contributes to a decrease in visits to the restroom.

To wrap it up, incontinence is common among women after childbirth. But, like every problem has a solution, this involuntary leakage issue can be managed with patience and effort over time. Till then, put your faith in Lifree Adult Diaper Pants to accompany you in relieving incontinence concerns to the fullest.