Suffering from any kind of incontinence is disconcerting and challenging. Everything from work to exercise and social life can be impacted by experiencing accidental urine leakage that can happen anytime and anywhere. Men and women both experience it, but women are more likely to suffer from this bothersome health condition.

In fact, women have urinary incontinence—the unintentional or unconscious loss of bladder control—twice as frequently as men. However, just because women experience this health problem more often than men does not imply that they must accept and learn to live with the challenges of incontinence.

There are various treatment methods available that can help women deal with urinary leakage problems and continue living a happy life. For example, many people prefer using adult diapers for women to avoid embarrassment and feel confident.

Moreover, to seek the right kind of treatment, it is important to know the reasons underlying urinary incontinence. Therefore, read on to know the reasons that are responsible for this problem in women.

● Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the major reasons responsible for incontinence in women. This is basically because of the increased pressure on the bladder during pregnancy.

● Obesity

Obesity increases the risk of pelvic floor issues such as incontinence. This is because the pelvic floor has to withstand the increased physical stress as a result of the excess weight.

● Age

Incontinence generally prevails with ageing in both men and women. Particularly in women, this can also be related to menopause, which might lead to bladder control problems.

● Constipation

Chronic (long-term) constipation can impose strain or pressure on the pelvic floor muscles and the bladder, gradually weakening them and resulting in issues with bladder control.

The above-mentioned are some of the common causes that are associated with incontinence in women. Keep in mind that incontinence should not prevent you from living your daily life on your terms. With the help of proper diagnosis and treatment, women can gain confidence and freedom to live without any hesitation. Meanwhile, using products like adult diapers for women can be a solution to avoid discomfort and hesitation when dealing with incontinence.