Summary: Adult diapers can meet basic requirements in the elderly. These are beneficial and comfortable for elders with light incontinence and who want to lead an active lifestyle.

Adult pant style diapers are now considered a necessity for the elderly with light incontinence. They provide much-needed comfort and convenience to elders with mild urinary incontinence, mobility condition between 1-3.

While you may come across different types of adult diapers, pant style diapers are user-friendly and easy to use. They are like underwear in look and feel. They offer freedom and dignity to the elderly and the much-needed confidence too as they help in leading an active lifestyle.  

Pant style diapers are easy to wear and remove, which makes them convenient for the elders who can use the bathroom sometimes rather than relying on a diaper.

Wearing adult pant style diapers is a good option for elders who are mobile and independent. They come in disposable and washable varieties. Elders with mild to moderate incontinence, or who are active like the ones who can stand, sit, and walk by themselves or with the help of a stick/walker, can choose washable adult pant style diapers, whereas others with other health issues can choose disposable diapers.

Design Makes The Pant Style Diapers Popular

Pant style diapers are popular because of their design. These are more convenient to use. For instance, an elderly who can walk to the bathroom can simply pull down the diaper, urinate, and pull it up (without any support). There’s no need to lie down on the bed or seek the caregiver’s help. It is as easy as wearing an underwear.

Excellent Fit For Comfort & Confidence

Pant style diapers have an excellent fitting, which instils confidence in the elderly. After all, wearing a diaper can cause stress. However, when the fitting is good, it instantly gives a lot of confidence to go outdoors in diapers. In addition, it facilitates walking, because it is snug, thin, and lightweight.

Prevents Leakage

Incontinence is prevalent among the elderly. Japan’s Lifree adult style diapers are easy to wear, just like underwear. They fit snugly, cannot be noticed, and are available in different sizes. They are a perfect choice for elders who can actively stand, walk, sit, and, move around (with or without support).

Wearing this type of pant style diaper ensures that elders are self-dependent and confident to move out of their homes.

Makes Elders More Confident

One of the major benefits of wearing these diapers is that it makes elders more comfortable and confident about themselves.

Pant style diapers have a built-in pad. It resembles underwear but serves the purpose of handling incontinence. The diapers have a hydrophobic layer that draws urine away from the pad’s surface, in turn leaving the skin dry.

Some pant style diapers feature leg cuffs, hence come in an extraordinary anti-leakage design. They feature elastic waistbands, breathable panels, with anti-leak guards for maximum absorbency.

Some protective diapers also feature tear-away sides, which makes it easier for caregivers to remove the diaper.

Most importantly, pant style diapers maintain discretion. They help to maintain dignity as opposed to a nappy style diapers. As incontinence causes embarrassment, it makes elders insecure and sometimes reluctant to try new products that seem noticeable or bulky.

How To Choose Adult Pant Style Diapers?

  • Consider The Size: To ensure that the diaper fits snugly, consider the size. Finding the perfect fit is important. To get the best fit, measure the waist, hips, and then consider the larger of the two measurements. With the best fitting, elders can be active and forget about incontinence.
  • Absorption Level: Absorption level of adult diapers varies from 200mls to 4000mls. Always choose a diaper that handles incontinence depending on the condition of the person. For elders with severe incontinence, choose diapers with higher absorbency levels.

Incontinence that comes with age is difficult to handle. However, with diapers, life can still be better. The transition to accepting and wearing diapers is not as tough as perceived.