Growing old is full of surprises. While one can be pleased about achieving milestones that give a sense of accomplishment but on the other hand, old age comes with an array of health-related conditions too. As senior adults experience chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac-related issues in addition to the sudden onset of other conditions that can affect mobility. These health conditions can become a hurdle in a senior adult’s life as it comes with a host of secondary problems that can result in bladder or bowel incontinence.

So, if your parents, grandparents, or senior adult patient experience Urinary Incontinence, how can you make it easier for them in a dignified manner?

Firstly, you need to ensure that the transition from using traditional underclothes to adapting to adult diapers is seamless. While transitioning, you, as a caretaker, must also ensure proper hygiene measures are in place.  

Maintaining hygiene and simultaneously taking care of the skin becomes extremely crucial, especially if the diapers for senior citizens are being used regularly. Here are a few reasons for maintaining hygiene and skincare in such situations-

Prevents skin irritation, rashes

Prolonged exposure to urine or faecal matter can lead to redness, irritation, rashes, and, especially in severe cases, it can also lead to abrasions. As genitalia and skin covered by an adult diaper is particularly sensitive, it is extremely important to change the diapers at regular intervals to keep the skin dry.

Reduces the risk of infection

If not changed at regular intervals or if proper hygiene practices are not followed while changing diapers for senior citizens, it can increase the risk of infections. You can reduce the risk of UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) and skin-related infections by cleaning the skin around the genitals and creases. Additionally, you can also use antimicrobial powders-creams if needed.

Maintains skin health

Often senior adults have more fragile skin, which is prone to rashes, wounds and skin sores. By using mild cleansers and applying protective or anti-septic creams, ointments and powder while changing soiled diapers, you can keep the skin covered by diapers healthy for the maximum comfort.

Manages odour

Even before a senior adult begins using diapers, one of the major concerns is the unpleasant odour. To make the senior adult more comfortable, you can use deodorizing sprays in their room, line their bed or their chair/sofa seat with absorbent pads, in addition to changing their diaper at regular intervals.

Promotes holistic wellbeing

Feeling clean, fresh and comfortable can contribute to an increased sense of confidence and improved quality of life while maintaining dignity, which is essential for a positive impact on the senior adult’s ability to navigate their day-to-day routine with ease.

For a person of any age, hygiene plays an essential role in everyday life, and this importance increases over ten folds if we consider the health conditions of a senior adult. At the point in life where one likes to live with dignity, help your parents, grandparents, or senior adult patients navigate their daily life with their heads held high by giving them the care they need.