As we grow older, our dependency increases. For almost every task, we wait for someone to lend a hand and help us do our daily tasks. However, the thing that distraught us the most in old age is when urinary incontinence affects the body and makes us dependent on others.

Considering this, “Pant-style diapers” came up like a boon that free oldies from any support when they suffer from overactive bladders and make it easy for them to manage their daily routine. In this blog extract, we will cover everything about pant-style diapers and why Lifree is the best choice.

What are Pant-Style Diapers?

Among the different types of diapers available, adult Pant-Style Diaper is one of them. These diapers are different from others as they offer ease of wearing to patients. If the patient is suffering from incontinence (overactive bladder), it would be a wise choice to go with pant-style diapers, as they can wear them without assistance, like underwear, and maintain dignity.

How are they different from other types of diapers?

In other diapers, like ‘Tape-Style Diapers, patients need someone’s help to wear them, and because of their large size, they are sometimes even visible under the clothes.

In the case of incontinence, adult pant-style diapers allow the patient to use the restroom on their own as they are easy to wear. On the other hand, because of the longer wearing process and the need for assistance, wearing tape-style diapers is not much preferred.

What are the advantages of using it?

  • It can easily be worn without any assistance from others.
  • Unlike others, they are not unnecessarily bulky in size and thus provide comfort.
  • They are easy to put on and easy to doff.

Why should you not feel shy and try using it?

It is seen that most people are uncomfortable sharing their overactive bladder issues and also resist wearing diapers. However, if we shift our way of seeing it, these diapers are the solution for people to avoid embarrassment from sudden urine leakage. Not just this, but wearing diapers can reduce patients’ dependence on others. You can wear it like underwear and not be concerned about leakage.

In order to ensure complete protection against urine leakage and minimise discomfort, you can rely on pant-style diapers from Lifree. Our range consists of different types of elderly diapers for different incontinence cases. Choose the right one for yourself to ensure a comfortable and satisfactory experience.