When a person is suffering from incontinence, they need disposable absorbent underwear, popularly known as “adult diapers.” However, selecting the best for you takes work when you have a gamut of available options.

Considering this, we have come up with some tips in the extract below that will help you select the best adult diapers in India. Keep scrolling down, and your query will be resolved when you reach the end.

Things to remember while buying adult diapers

  • Type of leakage
    Knowing what kind of incontinence problem a patient is suffering from is important. For example, the patient may have urinary incontinence (overactive bladders), fecal incontinence (accidental bowel leakage), or both issues. Please confirm it before buying.
  • Size
    When you buy adult diapers, there are multiple options in different sizes. It is important to correctly measure the patient’s waist and hips to get the right size. If the patient is given the incorrect size, he or she will experience urine leakage and coverage issues. At Lifree, we offer you different diapers in different sizes.
  • Quality of product
    The third important thing to consider is the quality/material of the diaper. It is necessary that the patient feel comfortable wearing it. You can choose what suits you the most from the different options, like plastic-backed or non-plastic diapers. Bring one home, use it, and as per that, take your decision.
  • Absorbency of diaper
    Understand the absorbency capacity of diapers before purchasing them.Patients release more urine at night compared to the morning time; thus, it is ideal to go with diapers with quick liquid absorbency and holding capacity. Regarding this, Lifree has the best diapers for senior citizens that have good absorbency and retention qualities that keep you safe from skin irritation.

Suffering from incontinence is troublesome, but with the right approach and essentials, you can cope with its symptoms and say goodbye to embarrassment. Hopefully, the above mentioned tips will help you choose the best adult diaper for yourself.