Suffering from urinary incontinence comes with a lot of challenges and discomfort. Experiencing bladder leakage is one of them. Whether you are old or young, facing leakage in public can be truly embarrassing and hard to deal with.

Not to mention, being prepared can make managing unexpected leaks easier and save you from embarrassment. This includes not panicking, leveraging adult diaper benefits, seeking assistance, etc.

To help you out, we have pulled together some tips that will assist you in coping with public leaks’ uneasiness.

Avoid panicking

It is a common reaction that has been observed in cases of public leakage. But in such a scenario, the patient needs to stay as calm as possible. This will assist him/her in looking for options to deal with the leakage, such as looking for a nearby bathroom, seeking assistance from a friend, and so on.

Try to conceal

It is generally the spot forming on the clothes that grabs the attention of people, thus, to avoid this, try to cover it. You can use a jacket, cardigan, or additional layer of clothing around your waist. This is a quick fix to the problem and also extends the opportunity to dry.

Excuse yourself to the bathroom

If you feel continuous leakage, it is best to simply use the washroom by excusing yourself from the group. You can casually head to the washroom and freshen up. This will help you feel fresh and reduce further discomfort. 

Use adult diapers

Adult diapers are a true saviour for people suffering from incontinence. They provide the wearer with a layer of protection to cope with unexpected leakage in public. You can rely on quality products like pant style adult diapers and gain peace of mind.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, if you frequently face the issue of public leakage, it is better to consult a healthcare expert and seek treatment for urinary incontinence.