When you laugh too hard at a joke and find yourself leaking in your pants, it can be downright embarrassing. Especially if you are with people or at work. It can be mentally debilitating as it lowers your self-esteem terribly. Urinary incontinence is a problem when the person is unable to hold urine in the bladder. The problem usually interferes with daily life. People find themselves uncomfortable in sharing and discussing this problem with others mainly because they don’t know how to without the fear of being judged!

Here are some very handy tips to help you speak out and seek help from your loved ones regarding the problem.

  • Calmness Is The Key

    Staying calm throughout the conversation is very important. Always make sure that both you and your companion are at ease. Because incontinence is deemed to be an embarrassing subject, it’s easy to become fearful or defensive of discussing it. Remember that your better half may end up being more supportive than you believe them to be.

  • Answer The Questions

    Always maintain an open line of communication and encourage your partner and/or family members to ask as many questions as they want. It is best to provide them with as much information about your situation as you can. Tell them that, while incontinence may make you feel ashamed, it does not rule your life and that you have control over it. Answering the questions also allows you to be open and feel confident with your family and friends.

  • Right Timing Is Essential

    You might think that you should wait for your partner to bring up the subject, but it is preferable to initiate the conversation yourself. You must wait only until you and your partner, or family members, are in a comfortable setting. A relaxed environment ensures that you are able to discuss things freely and they are able to grasp the problem in a better manner.

  • The Cause And Effect Is Essential

    Explain the cause of your incontinence to your partner, whether it’s due to hormone imbalance, stress, or pregnancy. People may be helpful, but they may have no idea what incontinence is. Explaining the causes of incontinence allows them to be supportive of you. This always leads them to support you when you need it.

  • Treatment Options And Plans

    The right treatment option and plans are very important to keep the problem at bay and to stop it from interfering with your daily life and routine. Discussing the treatment plans and options with your partner is very important so as to reduce the stress and to acquaint them with your condition.

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