Urinary incontinence or the loss of bladder control is a common and often embarrassing condition that can plague older adults especially women. There may be leakage of urine when you laugh or cough or sneeze and sometimes the urge may be so sudden that you cannot get to the washroom in time. This usually is an age-related problem but if it gets in the way of your daily routine, you may need to seek medical help to check for some serious underlying condition. Else some lifestyle and dietary change should help you handle it along with the right wearable solution. There are five types of urinary incontinence – Stress, Urge, Overflow, Functional or Mixed

Factors to consider before choosing the right wearable Solutions in case of urinary incontinence.

At Lifree, we manufacture superior quality diapers for senior citizens. These diapers help in soaking the leakage of urine and giving you a sense of freedom and comfort. Given below is a short guide to find the right wearable solution in case of urinary incontinence:-

  • Absorbency:

    Incontinence products need to be very absorbable so that they can soak the urine and control any kind of irritation. This helps in keeping the urinary area germ-free and clean. It ensures healthy urine soak without the association of any infection.
  • Proper size

    The size of incontinence products matter a lot and you need to pick the right size. It might seem that a larger size would be beneficial but it could lead to consequences that would not be very pleasant. Larger sizes or smaller sizes give rise to severe inconvenience and might lead to irritation issues. Therefore a perfect size would do justice.
  • Price:

    Different companies demand different prices based on the quality and quantity of the product but one needs to make sure whether the investment of money is worth it or not. The market price should match the price of the brand you are willing to avail. As a new user, it is important to look up to a brand that is reliable and trustworthy. Therefore opting for a brand that ensures 100% absorption and size variations can be very beneficial in this regard.
  • Comfort:

    While purchasing incontinence products, comfort should be the topmost priority. This is because being uncomfortable might give rise to a major infection which can be very harmful in the long run. One needs to make sure that the incontinence product should be able to prevent odour and stickiness. These factors will ensure that the product is comfortable.


Urinary incontinence is a condition that needs to be managed well to make it a less embarrassing experience for senior citizens. Using Lifree adult diapers that are available in multiple sizes will give them the freedom and comfort they need to manage their daily life. Both men and women can face this situation as they grow older and finding a comfortable daily wearable solution is the best way to handle the issue.