Incontinence is a health condition which prevails in elderly people and is generally characterised by psychological impacts on their lives. Anxiety and depression are the two common outcomes of suffering from urinary incontinence.

Medical experts also take into account the fact that elderly people with OAB display signs of stress, which further results in sadness and anxiety. They take a lot of stress, have erratic eating habits, and suffer from headaches.

Fortunately, there are ways to lower stress levels and depression by managing incontinence. Here are some tips to cope with the mental health challenges that comes with bladder control problems:

Do Pelvic Floor Exercises

The most preferred way to deal with an overactive bladder is to do pelvic floor exercises. Pelvis, bladder, and urethra are the muscles present in the lower abdomen which in combination are known as pelvic floor muscles. These muscles tend to become fragile or weak due to surgeries, pregnancy and other reasons, leading to the incompetency of the pelvic floor to control the organs.

Therefore, trying exercises to bring back their power can help to fight against incontinence successfully.

Get the Right Treatment for OAB Symptoms

People might think that the Overactive Bladder is an inevitable part of ageing. Though it might be true, there are some treatment options to relieve incontinence-induced stress. This may include:

  • Healthy lifestyle and dietary changes
  • Prescribed medication
  • Using Adult Diaper Pants

By taking help from a physician one can easily get rid of the symptoms leading to OAB.

However, along with these, some stress-relieving practices like listening to calming music, following the passion, travelling, not thinking too much about incontinence issues, etc., can prove to be beneficial in controlling stress hormones.

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