According to the facts, incontinence problems are more frequently found in women than in men. However, this does not mean that the challenges and difficulties faced by male incontinence patients are any less. Suffering from bladder control problems is an overwhelming and daunting experience.

Especially in the winter season, the symptoms of incontinence increase, causing trouble in the patient’s daily routine. In this article, we have outlined things that you need to know about male incontinence and coping with the effect of the winter season on it.

Causes of male incontinence

There are several reasons that can cause incontinence in males, including:

  • Problems with prostate

It is one of the common problems that can lead to urinary incontinence problems in men. In fact, men can face incontinence problems after having any surgical treatments, as surgery can cause issues with the nerves that control the bladder.

  • Old age

Incontinence is more prevalent in older people. This is because the muscles in the body may weaken with age, just as the bladder loses its strength, which causes urine leakage.

  • Lack of exercise

Being less active physically can also lead to problems with bladder control. Lack of physical activity can result in excessive weight gain, because of which your bladder might feel extra pressure.

Managing male incontinence in the winter

  • Avoiding Diuretics

There are some types of bladder-irritating beverages that must be avoided to manage incontinence. This includes drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, etc. Thus, the consumption of such beverages must be limited.

  • Wrapping up warm

In the winter, it is recommended to keep the body warm to maintain an optimal body temperature. This is useful in managing incontinence, too. Make sure to take care of your pelvic floor health by keeping your lower body warm along with your upper body.

  • Doing Kegels

These exercises are used for strengthening bladder control muscles. You can take help from a healthcare expert to know the right procedure to perform the exercise and gain beneficial results.

  • Using adult diapers

Adult diapers are one of the safest and most easily accessible options for male incontinence patients to manage the consequences and uneasiness. They provide protection against sudden urine leakage and save the wearer from social embarrassment. Nevertheless, patients must follow these tips to prevent incontinence from worsening in the winter. Rest, it is always best to seek medical treatment and not to avoid symptoms that can lead to severe health conditions.